post christmas sales

So I have been trawling the sales – despite my lack of cash. One of my new years resolutions is to buy nice gifts on sale rather than for full price. So to this end I have snapped up a few pretty things already. It is difficult to feel confident though that what you have chosen is worth it as these things are on sale cause no one wanted them. But for a change I am using as a guide what I ended up buying as last minute gifts for family which sometimes was pretty but random things.

I think christmas decorations are a nice extra gift for new families at christmas as it is expensive to kit out your tree nicely these days. And on sale they are even better.

Some shops have had better sales so far than others, Woolworths is usually good with christmas treats but I am still waiting for them to come down signficantly as I feel R10 on a christmas cake of R70 is too little to entice me to buy for now.

At home has nice christmass things on sale but not so cheap that with my limited budget I can go mad. but I got some gorgeous blue birds that will double as more than just christmass decorations. I think I should go back and get more as I will have a hard time giving these up.

the @home bird

Mr price things went on sale even before christmas so not too much left.

I am planning on decorating my house this year – I have decided (due to my again limited budget ) to focus on 3 rooms, mine, my boys and our patio. The boys room will be done with a vintage cars theme. Mine in a warm green to go with our floral quilt (sorry Darling husband) and the patio I think I have decided on mirrors and white to bring as much light in as possible.

So I am hoping that now I have decided when I see the right things on sale I can buy them then rather than at full price. But I did just buy the most gorgeous cushions from Mr price for the boys.  

cushion for my boys room


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my non identical twin boys are nearly 2 now. I am looking forward to looking after myself and my house a bit too now.
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