make up

As I grow older and wrinklier make up seems to become more and more essential. and there is little more essential to hiding imperfections than base. A member of the paler race I find it difficult to find a good pale base that does not sit in my pores and lines, make me look like I recieved an instant tan or worse was playing in the mud!

after much testing and saving I am thrilled with my new base from kanebo. it is a natural pale colour not too pink or too yellow and goes on smoothly creating a perfect new me. NOw I am hunting for a new mascara.

my new base/foundation

Tested so far: Clarins wonder perfect – seems to be irritating my eyes already, but really legnthened my lashes

Clinique (damn for got the name) nice but a little on the thin side – no noticible irritation (as in a need to rub my eyes constantly)

Este Lauder: out in front at the moment , as I returned home my darling husband noticed immediately that I was looking good. and no noticible irritation.

….. will test some more soon.

now my gripe for the day why do mascara’s come in such large tubes if we need to replace them every 3/6 months? I am sure I dont use much less than the average person but I find one tube lasts me way longer than 6 months. And I hate having to throw away such expensive stuff cause it has gotten old and I have discovered old mascara is more likely to make me rub and land up looking like a panda bear.


About nunu5

my non identical twin boys are nearly 2 now. I am looking forward to looking after myself and my house a bit too now.
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